Marion Baruch

A pianist and illustrator and the Cultural Association actively engaged

Marion Baruch

Marion Baruch

Links directing articles are in Hebrew, for this blog is not completely translated to English.

    • 19.3.1919 Born in Wrangelstraße 24, Eimsbüttel 20253 Hamburg, Germany 
    • 1926 – Moved to Hirtenstr 17.
      Went to Caspar-Voght Gymnasium in Hamm.
    • 1935 finish school “Lyceum” at Johnsallee 33.
    • 1936 – Her brother Rolf is leaving home to study at the Hachshara.
    • 1936 – Her sister Helga married Bernard and immigrate to Palestina.  As a wedding present, Marion gives a painting book.
    • Study at Caspar-Voght fashion design.
    • 14.10.1936 – Her mother Irma, die.
    • 1937 – Moving with her father to klosterallee 11.
    • 1937 – Working as a designer at Robinson in Neuer Wall. (Limitation on working places for Jews).
    • 1938 – Georg gets hospitalized, The doctors are telling him that something bad is going to happen and suggest that he will stay in the hospital for few days, he prefers to go home to be with Marion:


    • Georg gets arrested and Marion stays alone at home.
    • When Ruli comes to visit, to check if she is ok alone, he finds a messy house, with empty alcohol bottle on the table.
    • Marion gets fired from work because of the new anti-Jews laws.
    • Georg comes back from Sachsenhausen, injured. He is trying to get an approval for Marion to leave to Holland, “to meet a boy” he writes in the request.
    • Marion writes to her sister about her experience with boys, how she “always try to find the hopeless things”…
    • Marion decides to stay and help her father, instead of going to Holland.
    • They are trying to get the Nazi’s approval to go to Palestine. The Nazis demand a lot of money from the Jews to leave Germany.
    • She writes to her sister in Palestine requesting help with the money, she cant. She writes her back “HELP, ONLY YOU CAN HELP FATHER!”. It doesn’t help. Halga cannot arrange this amount of money. It will hunt her for the rest of her life.
    • 1939 – moved to the jewhouse – Heinrich-Barth-Straße 8
    • Second try to run away – Now to her aunt Betty in Britain. She sends approves that she has no debts.
    • She gets the approval to leave Germany on the 31.8.1939.
    • The next day, the war breaks, and the gates of Germany are closed.
    • She works at the theater in Grindle as a poster designer.
    • 8.11.1941 – Marion and Georg are deported to Minsk.


  • 1942 – Heinz Rosenberg, in Minsk, telling the story:

    In Minsk, Marion painted a welcome sign.
    adolf rübe, the sadist commander, saw the sign and asked who painted it.
    Marion came forward. He said that jew cannot paint beautifully, took her to the woods and shot her.

  • Later in his trials, he claimed that he shot her because she stole the colors for the sign. “alleged theft after a painting by this sign had caught his attention.”
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