The story begins

1920 – 1880

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg was (and remains today) the second largest city in Germany, the most important port city, the gateway to Europe.

The city had an extensive Jewish community for hundreds of years. It was the first community in the world where Sephardim and Ashkenazim were not distinguished from each other, including synagogues and graveyards. The liberal Jewish community began its path in the city, while Jews lived in a mostly secular and modern community, and at the same time, they considered themselves Germans in every respect.

These are the earliest details that we have about the family:

Georgs home Weidenstieg 5, Hamburg Elmsbüttel21.2.1881 Georg Baruch is born in Weidenstieg 5, Elmsbüttel, Hamburg

He was a merchant of meat products, and he had a trading shop on Platform 5 in the port of Hamburg. In World War I, he received the Iron Cross for his heroism.

Georg was a “Deutsche Volk” – a respectable, ordinary German, well dressed, educated, loves literature and arts  – an exemplary German citizen.

Georg believed in what most of the Jews of the time in Germany believed: “a Jew in religion, a German in a nation.”

Georg’s father is Zelig Baruch, born in August 1827 in Lubeck and died on August 25, 1892, in Hamburg. Zelig was the son of Fannie (born Levi) and Selig Baruch and Fannie née Levi

Grave of Dey Zelig Baruch, A12 393 Ohlsdorf Hamburg:

Georg’s mother is Henriette Baruch Baruch, born on 7.10.1839 in Altona, a city near Hamburg, and died on 16.11.1904 in Hamburg. Henrietta is the daughter of Koschmann Baruch and Serine.

1.3.1887 Irma Lucas, the mother of the family, was born in the city of Bochum, Germany.

5.4.1914 Irma Lucas and Georg are getting married.

Irma Lucas and Georg Baruch wedding announcement

Irma Lucas and Georg Baruch wedding announcement

17.1.1915 Helga Baruch, my grandmother, was born.

26.3.1910 Bernard Arna, my grandfather, was born in Lvov, Poland. Later he will marry Helga and go with her to Palestine.

19.03.1919 Marion Baruch was born.

1.6.1920 Rolf (Roly) Baruch was born.

1926 – 1920

The three children are born in Wrangelstraße 24, 20253 Hamburg

The Baruch family was a standing, secular, happy and educated family. Their book collection was in its thousands. They often vacationed in Blankenese and Cuxhaven on the shores of the North Sea and the Elbe River. Each child chose his field – Helga was the athlete (“I did not get along with the studies”). Rolf had the talent to write, and young Marion was a talented artist. She played the piano and drew many paintings.

This is the only picture that we have from that house. A family picture.

Wrangelstraße 24

Rolf in the hands of Irma. Helga studies and Marion in the hands of Gerog

This is a video from the tour we took near the house in 2013:

 Next: The family moves to Ham, and ideas of Zionism.

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2 Responses to The story begins

  1. Avi says:

    Thank you !!!

    ‪On Sat, 22 Sep 2018 at 23:36, ‫ההיסטוריה של משפחת ארנה – ברוך דרך מלחמת

    • Arnon Baruch says:

      Hello . I am Arnon Baruch from Herzliya.
      My Father Ewald Baruch was born in Hamburg . Immigrated to Palestine 1933.
      The family lived in Hamburg from 1760 till 1938. I am doing a research about the Family with a researcher based in Hamburg . I managed to find a lot of original documentation. Be very glad to check possible connections.
      Arnon Tel : 0505203975

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