The temporal house in Hamm


Hamm Is it a neighborhood located in the east side of Hamburg, It was, and still is considered a low valued neighborhood.
In the case of George, the father, respiratory problems were discovered and his doctors recommended that he move to an area with less air pollution than the prestigious area of Eimsbüttel.

In this building on the third floor in Hirtenstr 18 lived the family for a short time.

Today, the house no longer exists. It was destroyed in operation Gomorrah by the British. On the front of the house where the building once stood, the family’s stumbling stones (Stolperstein).

It is the second appearance of are on stumbling stones tile for the second time. This is one of the only cases of multiplication of stumbling stones, and for an interesting reason: One of the original reasons for the stumbling blocks – was to become answer the intolerable argument of “We did not know” and to show that those who were taken from those houses were the neighbors, It can not be that the non-Jews who lived in those houses did not see or hear.

As said, Hamm was a poor neighborhood, which, because of its location. In recent years, neo-Nazism has been re-emerging in the neighborhood. Those involved also wanted to put memorial stones there, in order to fight the phenomenon and remind the inhabitants of what Nazism had led in the past. Since they could not find enough names of Jews living in the same neighborhood, they confirmed the duplication of the Baruch family’s memorial stones. The original stones are embedded next to the house in Grindel, while the new ones are embedded in Hinterstrasse:

אבני הזיכרון בהאם 20130126_132401

During the time, Rolf studies in the Förderschule, and Helga in a prestigious housewives school in Grindel.

Here is the video of the visit to the stones, where the story is being told to me for the first time:

1935 – 1930


The winds of anti-Semitism in the air led the Helga and Rolf to become interested in Zionism. Their father did not believe in the Zionist solution and said:

My children, in Palestine the camels will eat you.

Georg’s generation believed that the fact that the Jews had participated in the war would protect them and would cause anti-Semitism to stop. Georg once said to his family:

I was awarded the cross of the Hennessy Alliance, I served the Keizer – no one kills me.

But from an official document we found, we learned that in 1933, after a few years of recess, the family began to pay a “synagogue tax” (in Germany you may pay a church tax or tax to any other religion you believe in) even if Zionism is not the solution, The persecuted is tangible, and the need to be protected by a community is felt.

baruch family tax record Hamburg 1933

baruch family tax record Hamburg 1933

Few more points in time:

Gymnasium Hoheluft

Gymnasium Hoheluft

1930 – Rolf finishes his studies in the Gymnasium Hoheluft

1931 Helga finishes her studies in the housewives school

Rolf had a bar mitzvah in the temple of the Reform community in Oberstr. an impressive place, which soon I will write a separate post on, in my blog

Later he joins the sports community Bar Kochvah

Heinrich Hertz School: In 1933, Roli graduated from the Heinrich Hertz School. This is a special story: After my arrival in Hamburg, I visited the Heinrich Hertz school and discovered that Roli’s character was an example and the students were learning about him and his story following a memorial with his name was placed in the school corridor. Full post on the subject here.

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