Helga and Bernard getting married and fleeing to Palestina


While winds of war and the Nazi regime into power, while the future is not clear, Helga is already involved in with the Zionist idea. She is studying housekeeping in the Hamburg training camp and meets a young man named Bernhard Arner. Later, it would be my grandfather.

Later in an interview, she will tell how he “tricked” her to join his camp in Rissen, Hamburg.

She was interested into immigrating to Eretz Israel. While was about to go to a camp in Kiel, a guy from the Zionist movement asked here:

Did you see a Kibuzz?

And then they went to Rissen. There, she saw her future husband, Bernard Arna. He told to the guy that brought her:

Let her stay here, I want to marry her

Engagement and marriage invitation of Helga Barich and Georg Arenr

Engagement and marriage invitation of Helga Barich and Georg Arenr

The Jewish Agency made a great effort to promise the so needed in Eretz Israel young people many things about the new life expected for them. They believe in the idea of ​​Zionism and are confident that with hard work they will provide everything they need when they will be in Palestina.

In the same year they’ve met, Helga and Bernard fled Nazi Germany. The family, which remained in Germany, was erased.

Before they go up, they get married in Hamburg. In honor of immigration, Marion paints a charming notebook with songs. About this in another post.

They immigrate with the ship Galileo: 12039206_10154441222729988_719724589267457383_n

On the first night at the immigration camp in Haifa, the Arabs are shooting at them. they survive the attack. Helga is concern about the bugs on the bed.

After an attempt at Kibbutz Galil Yam and then for a short period in Bnei Brak, the couple settles in Tel Aviv, on Dov Hoz Street, on the ground floor, the photograph at the top of this blog.

Their second apartment in Tel Aviv was on 63 Gordon Street on the second floor, facing the courtyard. After that, the whole family moved to Kibbutz Givat Brenner for a year and a half and then to Moshav Bialystok (near Yehud).

There they were about three years before they moved to Pinsker Street in Tel Aviv, where most of the six children grew up. I remember my childhood with them in this apartment, with the garden, in Pinsker:

Over time, Helga communicates with her family in Germany, updating and caring. They have six children, “one for every million” Helga keep saying. Bernard works as a gardener in the gardens of Tel Aviv buildings.

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