Mother dies, her sister and her only son, who died in the war of independence.


Irma Lucas was born in 1.3.1887 and married Gerog Baruch in 1914. We have no information about her family but the fact taht they were from Altona (a town next to Hamburg) .


About a month after Helga moved to Palestine, Irma, her mother, died of an illness. The date of death is 14.10.1936.

Irma Baruch was buried in the Ohlsdorf Jewish cemetery in Hamburg. The gravestone is in good condition and it is impressive. According to the stories, until the day of her death, my grandmother paid the cemetery to clean the gravestone.

irma2  irma4








Tante Biate

We know that Irma had a sister, Beata (Betty), who used to visit Helga in Israel for years after the war. The children still remember her, called by them: “Tante Bita” (Aunt Betty).
Aunt Betty left Germany in time, before the war, but her son, Arnold, who remained in Germany, was a member of the training Hachshara camp (and was with Roli for a while in the camp) and immigrated to Israel alone.

Arnold immigrated to Israel and fought in the War of Independence. After inquiries, my cousin Gali found the details about him. He was killed in the war and buried in Nahalat Yitzhak cemetery. In Israel, his name was Aharon (Arno) Shiran.
He died on May 19, 1948, 28 years old.

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