"I am back" – Georg writes to Helga


In the wave of arrests of Kristallnacht, Georg, the father of the family, was taken to the Sachsenhausen camp in Berlin. For about six weeks he stays in the place before returning home.During those six weeks Marion is left alone in the apartment, and Rolli arrives quickly from the training camp to check her safety. Helga, in the Land of Israel, is very worried.
When Rolli arrives, and sees the opposite house, the empty bottle of alcohol on the table, the town where his friends are no longer there, he sits down to write to his sister about what he has found.

After six weeks George returns home. He is wounded in his hands with severe frostbite that will accompany him for many more months. This is the short telegram he writes to Helga.

We found this telegram in the Ottensen archive. This is the archive story (Hebrew).

In Telegraph he writes briefly, only to let Helga know that everything is all right and he returns home:

I am back, blessings,

Apparently, words had to be shortened, in order to pay less.

telegram 1938 Georg Baruch

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