Georg writes from Hamburg to Palestina


We do not have the copy of the original letter. We learned about the content of Helga's testimony given at the request of the Hamburg City Archives:

My dear daughter,

In the context of my situation; Thanks to dedicated care, I can say good things about the good progress of my condition. The physiotherapist at the Jewish hospital is happy with the situation. I arrive there every two days for treatment and I am told that next Monday the bandages will be replaced. I practice regularly, the fingers are still hard and hard to bend, and with God's help I will succeed, and I will see how God helps the little and the big.
After a month's wait, we received a 2 room furnished apartment at Heinrich Barth Strasse 8 … "

The quotation is not precise, but these were the details given in the letter and this is the spirit of the matter. Unfortunately, we do not have all of it.

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