“Help! only you can help father!” The dramatic telegrams.


Finding these telegrams in Hamburg, in 2013, is the first time that we know of the greatest regret and pain that Helga carried all these years. It would be the first time, that her sons discover what she never told them.

In 1938 the future was beginning to be understood, this year gave signs of the future to come. All the rights of the Jews were revoked, the situation worsened and the war came closer.

There were ways out of Germany. Some of them were through Zionist training, and only young people who could work were accepted. There were reports that the Jewish community in Israel would not accept people who could not work, adults and patients, preferring only married couples, not singles. There were also illegitimate ways, and there were also other legal ways, such as purchasing an exit ticket for very large sums of money.

The Nazis, already boycotted and isolated in the international community, needed foreign money. They are keeping the Jews of Germany as prisoners and allowing them to leave, only if they would pay their way our, only with foreign money. It was said that the “reach” Jewish communities abroad, that boycotted the Nazis, would pay for their relatives in Germany, bringing foreign money to the country.

At one point Marion and Georg, who remained in Hamburg, hoped that Helga, who was in Palestine, would be able to obtain the money needed to leave Hamburg. Helga and Bernard, her husband, were new immigrants without money and had no way of raising such sums. Helga tried to ask for the money from relatives Haifa, relatives who to this day we do not know who they are, but we know that they could not help.

In November 1938, right after the events of the Kristallnacht two shocking telegrams were received. The first is impossible to translate because of the years that have passed the document and played it, but what is written on the second telegram is shocking enough to understand.
The telegrams were sent by Marion, while Georg was held in Berlin after Kristallnacht.

The telegrams were sent from the “Jews’ House” in Hamburg, the area where the Jews were concentrated. It was not really a ghetto, but a nice area and comfortable apartments, but the concentration of Jews there bordered them and predicted the future. The telegram address in Palestine is Gordon 63 in Tel Aviv.

The following are the telegrams:

telegrams“Help! Only you can help father!”

But my grandmother, Helga, could not help them, she did not have the means to get the money. Dozens of years later, in a conversation with Dr. Christina Pritzloff, my grandmother Helga told me that she had never forgiven herself for not being able to save them, and she had never told of this failure to any of her six sons until we found these telegrams in Hamburg.

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