War breaks, the family is forced into the "Jew house"


In 1939 things are getting worst. As described in the previous psot, Marion is trying to obtain an immigration permit. Initially to "meet a man in the Netherlands" and then she tries again, this time to Britain where her aunt Biatte lived.

The authorities decide to concentrate all the Jews in one neighborhood, Hamburg's Grindelviertel so that it will be easier to control them. The houses in the neighborhood are beautiful and luxurious, and the feeling is that it is not a ghetto, even though it is not a free decision to concentrate there. The keys to the houses will be taken from them later, during the deportation phase.

I arrived in Hamburg for the first time in 2010. I had only the address of a house. that's it. I stayed with a friend who lived in that neighborhood and I did not know the city. When I arrived at the building, I found it in renovations and was rather disappointed.

As I tried to understand and imagine the building behind the covers, my friend moved a number of fallen leaves on the sidewalk and discovered the family's memorial stones, which I had never had or anyone in the family understood. On the story of the stones of memory, in this post. This is how this story begins.

The house is located on Heinrich-Barth-Straße 8

It was a "Jewish building." This meant that it was a building in which only Jews were housed, on which many prohibitions were imposed. The building is located in the middle of the Jewish Grindel neighborhood, near the Great Synagogue of Hamburg, the synagogue that was burned on Kristallnacht.

The apartment where the family lived is located on the first floor on the right. Today (2013) there lived a professor from the University of Hamburg who bought the apartment. The area is considered a very expensive area. I hope that soon he will let us enter the apartment as he promised in the past.

And this is the house today:


In that year Germany invaded Poland and the war broke out. The Jews of Hamburg were concentrated at this stage in one neighborhood unable to work, study or live any kind of normal life.
At the end of that year, on December 20, the name of Georg, the father of the family, was deleted from the Hamburg Trade Authority, meaning that he could not continue his work.
Later, Georg and his daughter Marion would be deported from Hamburg through the first deportation station at the university and through the main deportation point of the city to the Minsk camp.

When they left the apartment, they deposited the keys, took only a small amount of equipment, only what the Germans had permitted to take, and drove to their deaths.

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