“Father and Marion are moving to Minsk, no address for letters”


On July 1, 1941, Rolli was transferred to the soon to be forced labor camp at Neuendorf.

On November 17, 1941, He writes a letter to Helga in Palestina. The name “Israel” is added to its name, as for all the Jews. He announces the deportation of the family from Hamburg to the camps, thanks Helga for the book she sent and asks her to write more. This letter, as opposed to previous letters, is brief and concise and it seems that also been censored. The letter is limited to 25 words. It was transmitted through the Red Cross, as was done with the letters of prisoners of war:

roli letter 1941

The letter that Rolli sends informs us that the family was sent to the camp.

Daddy and Marion have moved to Minsk, there is no mailing address. Wally and I are healthy and planning to get married soon.
Write to us.
We think a lot about you and strongly believe that we will see each other.

The letter was sent from the Hachshara to a house at 63 Gordon Street in Tel Aviv.

He is writing about Wally Hirschfeld, later his wife.

The use of the word “moving” is also interesting. He seemed to know that there was censorship, and did not dare use the term “deported”

And maybe he really did not know.

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