Marion’s last attempt to escape


1939, Germany invaded Poland, and in that outbreaks officially World War II. The gates of the states were closed and a long period of terrible war began.
The family understood the danger, but they apparently did not understand how much. After all the prohibitions imposed by the Third Reich against the Jews in Hamburg, it was already clear that there is no future for them in Hamburg.

Helga was already in Palestina, Rolli was in the Hachshara camp, preparing to immigrate to Palestina, and only Marion, the talented and artistic little sister, remained in Hamburg her father Georg. Georg was already old and it was hard to find a way to escape. It was clear to everyone that Marion had to escape from Germany first and that, they tried to do it in any way.

Two attempts were made to get Marion out of Hamburg. The first attempt was to send her to the Netherlands to meet a man who could engaged with, but Marion decided to stay in Hamburg to help Dad.

In Britain Aunt Bita lived with her only son. While seeking permits from the embassies in Berlin, another attempt was made to ask the Foreign Ministry of the Third Reich to authorize Maron to leave for Britain.

The first document we have is an official confirmation that Marion has no debts in Hamburg. The document was issued on 9 September 1939:

אישור החובות של מריון בהמבורג

“We confirm that Marion Baruch has no debts in Hamburg”

The Reich Tax Office conducted an inspection of Marion’s equipment before she was to leave Hamburg.

She received the exit permit from the Reich Office on August 31, 1939.

Amazing listing. Was it the German meticulousness with which each item was listed, including a worn suitcase, or was it a Nazi and evil characteristic for which they chose to put it this way:

“I checked Marion Baruch’s movables and this is my assessment:

  1. An old suitcase
  2. Good and rich equipment of clothes and bedding (perhaps underwear, in the past the word was pronounced in the context of underwear, but it is logical that they were included under clothing, now the word is explicit for bedding)
    The first part (the clothes) are a quarter more than the person needs.
  3. Few items with less value that we have no objection to take.

The “surplus” clothes were taken. Of course, only the “good and rich” equipment was excess equipment for them, and some of it had to be confiscated.
רשימת הציוד

The following day, on September 1, 1939, while she is at the tailors, getting her jacket for the journey, Germany invaded Poland, World War II began, and the borders were closed. Marion could not escape Hamburg anymore.

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