The last letter


On March 24, 1943, Rolli writes the last letter to his sister Helga in Palestina. Less than a month later, the remaining 12 teachers, including Rolli, would be forced to board the train to Auschwitz.

The sender of the mail is obliged to indicate his relationship with the recipient. This letter, went through censorship and apparently Rolli could not write whatever he wanted. This is the translation:

We're going to emigrate now. Now or later, we will not be able to write (our last letter, L.O.).
Do not lose courage.
Stay strong.
Wait for us.
Love kisses.
Rolly, Walli. "

roli arna letter 1043

It is unclear whether he knew what awaited him in the future. It seems so, but because of censorship we can not know what he really wanted to write.
"Walli" is Walli Hirschfeld whom he married while they were in the camp.

This is the last time Helga received a sign of life from the family. This is the last letter we have. As he asked, she waited. Until the survivors and testimonies came told of what happened.

Rolli was murdered in Auschwitz. He survives the time in the camp but does not survive the death march, according to the camp's records.

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