Auschwitz – The end of Baruch family


On April 4, 1943, the Neuendorf Hachshara/labor camp was closed with all the Jews who were there. All were sent to Auschwitz. Rolli arrived in Auschwitz on April 19, 1943 with the 37th transport from the city.
153 of the 688 deportees on the train arrived from the Neuendorf camp. Rolli and Wally were separated, we know nothing about Wally’s death. Rolli was sent to work at the IG Farben Chemical Factory.

In my meeting with Esther Bejarano, who had been a girl in the same camp during the years when Rolli had been there, she testified that they did not know exactly what the new camp was.

When they arrived, they understood, but tried to maintain the same feeling and atmosphere of the training camp. They continued to observe the Sabbath meals, the songs of Zionism, the society and customs they had learned and created in the training camps. Therefore, it was only when they were transferred to Auschwitz that the reality they so loved gave them hope was shattered: the bubble of the Hachshara camp and the hope of immigrating to Eretz Israel.

At first, the researchers assumed that Rolli had arrived at the Dora training camp first, but it turned out to be a mistake. Rolli had never been registered in Dora.. When an attempt was made to find out and obtain the documents from the Auschwitz archives, the Auschwitz Museum administration announced that “we are happy to inform you that we have found Rolf Baruch’s drawings in Auschwitz.” It is indeed joy.

הודעה על מציאת רישומיו של רולי באושוויץ

Here is the entrance document, into Auschwitz. All his external looks were recorded, and of course, although he was not, it is written: “nose: long”. Like every Jew.

מסמך הקליטה של רולי באושוויץ

In those documents, it seems that Rolli had left the camp and was not dead or killed there. It is estimated that when the Nazis liquidated the camps and took out the famous death marches, Rolli died there. This assumption is inconsistent with the document announcing his release from the camp. Another assumption is that he died in the Dora camp, because that was where the last of Auschwitz was sent (the Germans retreated to Germany) but we have no verified information.

הרישום של רולי באושוויץ, ושיחרורו.

Only in 1990, my grandmother received the story of Rolli’s life in the camps, from Jutta Bergt:

Rolli apparently did not survive the death marches. I know he was on the lists of life to the end, because I had access to lists of the dead. I worked in the Auschwitz laundry where we received material from the remaining clothes of those entering the camp. We knitted them socks, and I knitted for Rolli.

June 2015, I spoke with Eli Heiman, an Auschwitz survivor who had been with Rolli in the Hachshara camp. They did not know each other personally, but after the war, the people of Kibbutz Netzer Sireni were questioned about the fate of the members.
According to the testimonies, Rolli stayed at Auschwitz 3 – BUNA.
He went on a death march, and during the march “disappeared”. It mltr have been abnormal way to die while walking. This is the most recent evidence we have about Rolli.

Roli survived the whole war, almost to the end.

Thus, the story of the Baruch family in Germany ends. The whole family was killed except Helga, my grandmother. I wish I could ask her, show her the papers, the truth, hug her. When she was still alive, I still did not understand anything, I was too young.

Thanks to Helga, the Arna family, is alive, is expanding and will continue to expand.


Edit 1.2020:

After the release of the Arsolan archives, we have discovered that Rolli did end up in KZ Dora. He survived almost until the last moment of the war, this is the letter we got from the documentation center Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora after re-examination of the details:

Thanks for the question to the concentration camp memorial Mittelbau-Dora to ROLF BARUCH born, on 06.01.1920 in Hamburg.

I can see the concentration camp memorial Mittelbau-Dora the documents of the Documentation Center following information:
Rolf Baruch was in the period from 01.02. to 04/02/45 deported from Auschwitz in the Mittelbau.   Upon his arrival, the SS registered him under custody category “Jewish Reich German” with the prison number 107,085th Between January and March 1945, the SS deported 16,000 prisoners from Auschwitz and Gross-Rosen in the Mittelbau. The move came hundreds killed. The survivors of the transports arrived completely exhausted and half frozen.

After the documents of the Arolsen Archives the SS Rolf Baruch transported in an external bearing of the KZ-central section, the Boelcke barracks. However, the time of transport is not known. For more information on this satellite camp at the following website:

After that, the trail is lost and there are no documents here for detention fate of Rolf Baruch before.

When beginning of April 1945 approached the American troops, the SS had vacate the mid-level warehouse. In rail transport or on foot marches, the prisoners should be taken to other camps. Most death marches had the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen goal. During the death marches and evacuation transports murdered concentration camp guards thousands of prisoners.

For the last period of existence of the Mittelbau (Jan 1945 to the evacuation of the camp in early April), there is only incomplete documentation. Listen to the prisoner transports who left the camp during the evacuation, are not available. The registry of deceased prisoners is far from complete. For this reason, the fate of many prisoners can of Mittelbau are still unknown.

Sincerely yours,

Stefanie Taeger

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