Georg Baruch


945293_10151923614454418_836662242_nThe father of the Baruch family, Georg, was born on 21.2.1881. He was a merchant of meat products for slaughterhouses, a well known man in the Jewish community, with large contracts with many international companies, a man who cared and loved his family.

He was into arts, and in the testimony it was said that the library of the Baruch family had more than a thousand books. We know about his fondness for his books from the recent discovery of the ExlibrisGeorg participated in World War I, as a German citizen, and received the Hanseatic Cross of the Hanseatic-city-states for his heroism in the 38th unit. From the war he returned with asthma.On April 5, 1914 he married Irma Lukas.

The family had a fairly secular life. In fact, in 1928 Georg was cut off from the Jewish community and stopped paying the synagogue tax. In 1933 he returns to pay it. This is what we learn from the following documents in which the payment of the synagogue tax is given (and from these documents we know the family's addresses).

תשלומי המיסים

 תשלומי המיסיםתשלומי המיסים

Wrangelstraße 24

The family together

רולף ושתי בנותיו, הלגה ומריון.

George And his daughters, Helga and Marion

He signs the letters as "Väti", nickname for "daddy".

In 1941 he was deported with Marion, his daughter to Minsk. The last document with his name is the deportation list., from the Hannover train station in Hamburg. It is said that he was hanged on the entrance of the camp.

רשימת העוברים בתחנת הרכבת האנובר. גאורג ומריון

Since he was sick, we assume that he was shot by the comp's commander, from the following testimonial by an unknown eye witness. Out of Adolf Rübe's investigation.

"Rübe came to the cooking houses, in one of the room were 30 sick people. He took his pistol and shot them all"

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