Marion Baruch’s murder


In 2019 I’ve discovered new, horrifying details about the murder of Marion. You can read more details about it in the following post, which is the new version of this post.



Marion was a talented and sensitive girl, artistic (according to the deportation records of the Nazi authorities, her official role was “designer / painter”).
She played piano at various institutions in Hamburg. She was a painter and worked in graphics. She studied fashion design.

She was active in the Jewish theater “kammerspiele” worked there as the show’s poster designer.

Caspar-Voght School is a private institution where she studied fashion design. Upon graduation she was hired as a designer at the Robinson store, but in 1938 she was fired, as a Jew.

As for her romantic life, she confessed to her sister Helga about her failure to find a worthy partner. Helga quoted her words when she wrote her that she was:

“always looking for the impossible things in men.”

Helga, her sister, suspected that she did not really want to leave Hamburg because she wanted to take care of her father, who had returned from detention after Kristallnacht, wounded in his hands.

Finally, when she realized that there was no alternative, it was too late:

Marion tried to go to Amsterdam, then tried to leave for Britain. For the first time she stayed to help Father, for the second time the permit came the day before the outbreak of the war and she could no longer leave Germany.

The only story that I knew, about the family during the war, was this, and also it, was partially:

The testimony about her death in the Minsk camp came from Holocaust survivor Heines Rosenberg:

The camp commander was an SS man. Brutal and violent. Adolf Rübe. He saw a picture of a beautiful “Welcome” sign and asked who was responsible for the work. Marion admitted that she had drawn the sign. He spoke to her briefly, took her to the camp cemetery and shot her.

The story in our family is a bit different: it was claimed that she admitted that she had drawn the sign, and he shouted that a Jew could not paint such a beautiful sign and that she was lying, and then took her to the cemetery and shot her.

In 2019 I’ve discovered new, horrifying details about the murder of Marion. You can read more details about it in the following post.

Marion was forced to walk naked, in a minus 30 Celsius to the cemetery, where she were shot.


Only because she drew a beautiful sign. Only because of her Art. That’s how Marion was murdered. The sensitive, artistic, creative girl of the Baruch family.


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