The deportation from Hamburg


On November 8, 1941 George and Marion Baruch were deported from Hamburg. Their belongings and the apartment were taken from them, thus ending the history of the Baruch family's life their and their history in Hamburg.
On November 6, 1941 Georg sent the below letter. For the first time, the letter is treated as a letter of prisoners of war, that is, censored and and checked via the Red Cross. It was sent to Helga and Georg at 63 Gordon Street in Tel Aviv:

Georg Baruch to Helga in Palestina - 13.11.41

Georg Baruch to Helga in Palestina – 13.11.41

Three dear ones.

Marion and I are leaving Hamburg tomorrow.
Hoping to see Bernhards family. We are healthy and hope optimistically to see you again. Warm greetings and kisses, Daddy.

The letter was censored and was sent only on November 27 from Germany, about three weeks after he left George's hands. Two days later, thousands of the Jews in Hamburg were concentrated in the first assembly point near Hamburg University. Everyone had to hand over the keys to the apartment and the their belongings were checked, they were allowed to take limited weight of equipment. The families traveled from there to the deportation station – The Hanover Station. It was the last time they had seen their city, Hamburg.

Georg is murdered immediately upon arrival to Minsk, about Marion's death we have more information, in a later post.

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