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In this blog, I brought up our family’s historical story during World War II, a story that reflects the history of Jewish people in Germany during that terrible period of the 1930s and 1940s.
With a passion for history, and curiosity about my family’s history in particular, I went to Hamburg in autumn 2009 with the address of my family’s building before World War II.
From that moment on, the stories, the experiences, the pain, and the happiness did not stop rising up and surprising me: from the near-accidental discovery of the memorial stones embedded in the entrance of the building, to the strange telephone from the Swiss writer, the discovery of letters between Hamburg and Israel, and the discovery of the terrible telegrams, which were cries for help.

My name is Lior Oren. I work in IT and live in Hamburg, though I am originally from Tel Aviv. The subject I concentrate on is, of course, World War II and its aftermath. This is an obsession that many identify with. Even at the time of writing, more and more details continue to emerge.

Many thanks to my partners:
Mimi Swelski for help, translations, research, and leadership.
Mr. Rüdiger Pohlmann—if it had not been for him, it would not have happened.
To Urs Feas, who is the glue around us all.
To Ayelet Mohar, who volunteered on her own initiative and edited the entire (Hebrew) blog. It’s amazing to find out that the whole story is about people.

The translation to English is still ongoing; please excuse me for the mistakes.
I appreciate any comments, corrections, questions, and additions.

Lior Oren.

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