Audience Talk

If you read the first post of this blog, you might understand how it all began with an unexplainable coincidence.

But, over the years, it keeps happening. For nearly seven years, every few months, new discoveries, surprises, documents, and stories have come to light.

For example, here is an email that I received one day:

“Moin Lior, I’ve found your website looking for information on the family of Helga Arna. My name is C.S. I’m the daughter of R.S., who was friends with your grandmother since the 1960s. To me, Helga was like a third grandma…”

Recently, I turned this story of my family, and the research itself, into a 2-hour talk.

It is a story about a funny, educated, loving family; it is about the war, and the murder of each of them; and it is about how each tried in his way to make his dreams come true.

It is about the surprising research, and chasing after the truth in the clues, documents, boxes, and photos that were discovered all across Germany.

It is about a love story.

It is about the importance of such a blog, such research, and publishing it, and the reactions it might achieve.

If you are interested in having me talk at an event, and hearing it all, let’s talk!

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