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Prologue: It all began with a picture

A generation is born
The house in Hamm
The lost war letters at the Heinrich Hertz school
Rolf moves to Hachshara Ahrensdorf – the German Hachshara camps
Helga and Bernard getting married and fleeing to Eretz Israel
Marion Baruch – Eine Seefahrt die ist lustig – The Lost Book
Irma, mother dies. About her and aunt Betty, and her son who died in the war of independence
The last home as free people
Rolli writes to Hamburg from Hachshara Ahrensdorf
Rolli writes to Hamburg from Hachshara Ahrensdorf #2
Rolli writes to his sister in Tel-Aviv from Hachshara Ahrensdorf
We only know one goal: A Jewish State! – Rolli writes from Hachshara Ahrensdorf
Kristallnacht In Hamburg
“Help! only you can help father!” The dramatic telegrams
The letter from after-Kristallnacht-Hamburg: Rolli writs from home
“I am back” – Georg writes to Helga
“I always looking for hopeless things in men” Marion and the failed Amsterdam path
Georg writes from Hamburg to Palestina
War breaks, the family is forced into the “Jew house”
Marion’s last attempt to escape
Hachshara Neuendorf – the last youth Hachshara in Germany
The deportation from Hamburg: “Tomorrow Marion and I are going from Hamburg”
“Father and Marion are moving to Minsk, no address for letters”
Georg Baruch
Rolli and Walli Hirschfeld are getting married
Marion Baruch’s murder
The last letter
Auschwitz – The end of Baruch family


Oh can you see? and who will kiss me? – the short life of Marion Baruch
The Lostex-librīs Library in Stutgart
The Lost ex-librīs of Bremen and the Restitution of the WW2 Stolen Books
The murder of Marion Baruch

Family members

Georg Baruch
Marion Baruch
Walli Hirschfeld